The Association of Strategic Business Planners was established to meet the needs of professional and experienced individuals who perceive that to exist solely as a traditional accountant would be to limit their career climb. The ever changing competitive business environment means the added value that financial personnel bring to an organisation is constantly under scrutiny. No longer can this profession be viewed as individuals who number crunch what has happened in the past, for although the past is important it is the insight into today and tomorrow that is even more valuable. A new breed of professionals has emerged to meet the demands of an era that sees rapid change as the norm. It can be seen in many organisations that this accelerated pace of change has turned once successful financial managers and directors into sometimes hesitant individuals who are no longer able to provide strong leadership. The Association of Strategic Business Planners seeks to provide a source of individuals who bring a new set of skills to the management table, their talent lies in making critical financial decisions when in the eye of the storm and not when it has passed.
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